When done right, Email is (still) #1 in terms of ROI when compared to any other marketing method or channel-- always has been, always will be. With literally decades of experience (not many people on the planet can make this same claim), we know how to do it right. Keeping campaigns relevant, timely, and engaging, is not enough. Cutting-edge data-mining, data-appending, animated creatives, optimized subject lines, and analytics are new methods that are necessary today. We help your organization to reap the significant rewards of Email Marketing compliantly to opt-in audiences and without the economic risk associated with more expensive acquisition marketing techniques.


Identity Database 

Meta42 is founded on the premise of identity. Absolute identity. While identity is intuitive to us all in our offline lives -- we are who we are, always have been always will be -- online databases have historically struggled with managing the concept of absolute identity. Duplicate records and incomplete identity profiles plague virtually every database on the planet... until now.

The Meta42 database of absolute identity is built from a vision where Column A -- the primary key of the database -- is a consumer's online DNA and the concept of a duplicate record simply does not exist (any more than the concept of a duplicate human does not exist). This is the ideal database to build for the next generation of identity-enabled online marketing channels such as Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match, Twitter Tailored Audiences, LiveRamp, etc. Our database of absolute identity uses consumer email addresses as the connecting tissue across all these identity-enabled channel. 



Google calls it Re-marketing. Everybody else calls it Re-targeting. Advertisers that utilize Re-marketing or re-targeting campaigns experience unit-economic performance that are orders of magnitude higher than conventional top-of-funnel "prospecting" campaigns. However, the scale of Re-marketing/Re-targeting campaigns seldom achieve anything but a mere fraction of acquisition or reach/volume targets. This is a result of cookie-based methods that struggle to match the same consumer when on a different device or browser. Moreover, cookies are often deleted or typically expire in days, weeks, or months, and thus ending the opportunity for Re-marketing/Re-targeting to the user.

Our Re-marketing/Re-targeting uses consumers' absolute identity (and email address) rather than a cookie-based system, allowing the full volume and scale of the campaigns without an expiration and without the need for expensive and complex cross-screen linking systems.




Analytics is at the core of everything we do. We use best-of-breed tools and data science to build predictive models from a massive proprietary corpus of data. We believe that predicting the future is the key to unlocking value in online marketing and our Analytics-centric process allows us to see into the future, all the way down to the consumer identity level in the online marketing campaigns we run.