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People are at the heart of every connection we build. We design products and deliver services that create a more human world — one impression at a time.

We’re determined to build a better, more customized world for everyone online. From engineers to analysts to marketers, we empower our people  to make an impact. When you’re in charge of making a difference, there’s no limit to what you can do.


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Business Development

Sales Development Representative

The Sales Development Representative supports the sales team and is responsible for generating new business via inbound and outbound phone/email opportunity qualification.

This position will be located in the Baltimore headquarters of Meta42.

What will your typical day look like?

  • Perform outbound calling and emailing to generate new sales opportunities and pipeline

  • Follow-up on inbound sales inquiries to generate new sales opportunities and pipeline

  • Schedule meetings and follow ups for the sales team after proper lead qualification

  • Research target accounts for outbound call campaigns

  • Manage and update the company’s contact and account databases

  • Make 50+ calls per day to inbound and outbound sales prospects

  • Generate at a minimum 7 new meetings / follow ups per week

  • Performs other related duties as assigned

What are the qualifications?

  • 0-2 years of experience in sales or similar client support role

  • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment

  • Computer proficiency – experience using Salesforce.com or other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools is preferred

  • Bachelor’s degree is preferred

  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills

  • Must be detail oriented and capable of accurate work with minimal supervision


Software Engineer

Location: Baltimore, MD

This position will be very involved in overseeing an existing line of business.  Key areas of responsibility include: quantitative data analysis, making data driven decisions, automating processes, applying technology to business problems, building functional production workflows, and providing reports on key metrics.

Much of our technology remains un-built, so there is a blank canvas of future technologies to be born. You will get a chance to shape that direction.

What are the essential qualifications for the role?

  • Experience with SQL and database designs

  • Working knowledge of at least one programming language (Python and/or Go are a plus)

  • Ability to present analysis with actionable details

  • Desire to solve problems and uncover new value for the business

  • Flexibility to changing business requirements

  • Works well in a team

We use a variety of technologies such as: Python, Go, HTML5, SQL, and Linux. Experience with React and/or Angular2 a plus. We heavily leverage the major cloud providers as well.


Data Analyst

Location: Baltimore, MD

As a Data Analyst, you'll run and grow new business lines within Meta42 and/or Abovo42. You'll design and implement marketing programs, analyze performance metrics, and use the insights you gain to drive growth in user engagement and revenue. Your expertise, ideas, and hard work will have a direct and immediate impact on the success of your project.

What to expect from Meta42 & Abovo42 Corporation:

  • Independence and autonomy: You worked hard to learn what you know; we’re not about to stand over your shoulder and watch you work.

  • Flexibility and novelty: Your role will define itself over time, as you learn which problems you’re uniquely capable of solving.

  • Unmatched opportunity: We believe in letting people grow as quickly as they can. Today’s new-grad hires are tomorrow’s leaders.

  • A fun, supportive culture: Happy employees are the most successful. We take care of our own, and not just because it’s good business.

What we expect from you:

  • A Bachelor's degree in quantitative areas of study such as Mathematics, Finance, Economics, Physics, Computer Science, or Marketing

  • The flexibility and self-motivation to thrive in a dynamic, entrepreneurial culture

  • Proficiency with at least one programming language (Python, Ruby & Go are big around here)

  • Working knowledge of Postgres or another SQL variant

  • The ability to make a strong case when presenting findings & recommendations, while remaining receptive to feedback

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a team

  • Passions and interests outside of work - you aren't just your resume

  • Bonus points for previous experience with online marketing analytics


Marketing/Delivery Manager

Location: Baltimore, MD

Marketing/Delivery Managers are charged with ensuring our email messages get to the right folks in the right format at the right time.

The ideal candidate will be tech and web savvy, know HTML and some web coding, plus have experience in building HTML emails.

What will your typical day look like?

  • Broadcasting and managing the broadcast process for an array of free and revenue-generating emails

  • Troubleshooting and testing email templates

  • Working with production manager, developers and designers to create and enhance templates

  • Ensuring daily and recurring mailings are going to the right people at the right time

  • Measuring results and making necessary improvement

  • Keeping up to date with the most effective email marketing trends

What are the essential qualifications for the role?

  • One to two year’s experience within the industry

  • A proven track record of being detail oriented

  • A desire to publish the best final product for both consumers and advertisers

  • A fast, independent learner

  • A history of managing several projects at once

  • The ability to work independently and to search for the answers you need

Meet the requirements above and impress us with your positive, solution-focused attitude and we’ll offer you a fun, challenging role with room for to move higher, a competitive salary and benefits package.

Client Services

Account Manager

Location: Baltimore, MD

We are looking for a multi-tasker who is comfortable working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.  This position is charged with managing the day to day communication with all key contacts while growing our client portfolio.

What will your typical day look like?

  • Serve as the primary client contact for all matters

  • Build upon and strengthen current accounts, focusing on opportunities for growth

  • Identify areas of need and find corresponding offers which could generate new revenue

  • Analyze campaign performance data and concisely present areas of concern and ideas to improve campaign efficiency

  • Collaborate with the delivery team to ensure creative assets and email sends are executed per client expectations

  • Assist in the implementation of improvements to internal systems and processes with the clients’ needs in mind

  • Keeping up to date with the most effective email marketing trends

What are the essential qualifications for the role?

  • One to two year’s experience within the industry

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to express facts and ideas concisely

  • A proven track record in being detail oriented

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with the flexibility to shift gears quickly

  • A fast, independent learner with the ability to multi-task

  • A passion for online technologies

Meet the requirements above and impress us with your positive, solution-focused attitude and we’ll offer you a fun, challenging role with room for to move higher, a competitive salary and benefits package.

Abovo42 and Meta42 Interview Process

We appreciate transparency, and we hope you do too. That’s why we outlined the entire hiring process. Check it out:

Stage Zero: Written Interview

We love your resume and/or LinkedIn profile, so we set up your Initial Phone Conversation. For select positions, we have a written interview prior to the first phone screen. The written interview may be a core skills check on your role. We may also ask you some general questions like how you deal with cognitive biases and your strategies for growth. The Abovo/Meta42 Written Interview will likely take 15–25 minutes to complete, depending on the position. We’ll go over these responses during the phone interview.

Stage One: Initial Phone Interview

The first round interview is generally with the hiring manager of the group you are interviewing with. This is an initial call and will be, at most, 25 minutes. This is to learn a bit more about you and what you are looking for (and to help you learn more about Abovo/Meta42). We’ll go over your written interview if you completed one. For engineers, this is usually followed by a more technical screen where you remotely work out a few coding problems with a member of our engineering team (<45 minutes).

Stage Two: 2-minute check-in

Here we do a 2-minute check-in with you to get your information, collect any additional questions you have, understand your compensation requirements. Also: we might love you but this is an opportunity for you to drop-out if you don’t love us (and yes, we will be very sad … but that’s ok).

Stage Three: The on-site interview

  1. The goals of these conversations are two-fold: 

    1) Give you an opportunity to get to know the kind of team we are building at Abovo/Meta42

    2) Let our team understand what it would be like to work, collaborate and communicate with you

You’ll come to our office, located in McHenry Row, and meet the team in-person. We respect your time and like to keep things quick and we can give you the option of meeting after-hours and/or weekends, if necessary.

At some point in the process, you will meet with the Founder/CEO Sean Fenlon. We believe that hiring and developing talent is one of the three most important things a CEO does for the company.

Optional Stage Four: Project/References

Depending on your background and the interviews thus far, there may be a small project or puzzle that we ask you to take away and complete. This project could take up to four hours of your time. We may also check references.

Penultimate Stage: Preparing you for an offer

If you reach this point, we almost certainly want to present you with an offer, but you might not yet have enough information to accept the offer. 

You’ll have another meeting or call with us and go over any additional questions you have about the company.

We ask that you provide us with candid feedback about anything that would materially improve the odds of you accepting the offer we are presenting.

Final Stage: Acceptance

Congratulations, you’re getting a formal offer — and  our goal is to be in the 90th percentile when it comes to total compensation relative to the market. 

We’ll discuss your start date and your preferences for things like computer/laptop, monitor, seating, etc. – we provide a handsome “budget” for the new hire’s workstation setup and essentially let you choose your own work environment that would make you the most comfortable and productive.

The Transition:

Everyone at Abovo/Meta42 is thrilled you’ve accepted your offer. 

As your start date approaches, we will send you relevant reading materials and begin discussing some potential projects to begin working on for your first week.

We already know you are a self-starter, but we also know that providing the right context about Abovo/Meta42’s vision and strategy is essential for you to hit the track running.  

Before you start we will get you all the paperwork, Health/Benefits, payroll, laptop, and more so you can spend your first day at Abovo/Meta42 doing real work and immediately contributing to the team.

Your First Week

Once you start at the company, it is important you are doing meaningful work. 

If you are an engineer, you’ll be pushing code on an important project your first week. 

If you are in sales, we will want you on the phone with prospects and customers your first week.

If you are an analyst, we hope you will unlock analytical insights in your first week. Etc.

Is Abovo/Meta42 the place for you? 

If all of this excites you, come work with us!


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