About Meta42 & Abovo42 Corporation

Meta42 is a data-driven online marketing company based in Baltimore, MD founded by online marketing veteran and serial entrepreneur Sean Fenlon. With our emphasis on analytics and through our unique database of absolute identity, Meta42 is able to deliver results to brands, advertisers, marketers, and lead buyers through thoughtful and programmatic campaigns. It's all about the people.

Our sister company, Abovo42, is a social email platform that allows users to share content on the Internet simply by sending an email. Any email sent or forwarded to Post@Abovo42.com will be instantly transformed into a page on the web where it then can be shared across all social networks. The system instantly sends a link back to the Post page that the user created.

Check out some of our own ABOVO POSTS to learn more:

Meet The Management Team


SPF Professional Headshot Smile.jpg

Founder & CEO

Sean Fenlon


Chad Mathias Headshot.png

Co-Founder & CTO

Chad Mathias


Scott Schoberg Headshot.png

Vice President, Delivery

Scott Schoberg


Brad Lears Headshot.png

Vice President, Operations

Brad Lears



Vice President,

Trent Walter


John Reilly Headshot.png

Vice President, Finance

John Reilly